David and Rachael, CT

“I am so grateful to you for this recording.  Mom passed three weeks after your visit with her. This is a great gift for our family to have and our future family.”

Maria Elena Bordas, Cuban Voices Project Participant

“Relating my experience about leaving Cuba with my parents in December of 1961 was quite an undertaking.  Not because I had forgotten the event, but how vivid it was.  As I spoke to Melinda, the events of that day and the reasons for leaving Cuba felt so real.  I could not believe that I remembered every detail, regardless of how small. My parents’ decision to leave was an act of courage on their part.   While they left everything behind, they did it so that I could become and do whatever I chose to do.  That is such a huge part of my life.”



Margaret Othrow, Brooklyn, NY

“I imagine that many of us will wish to leave the next generation our family adventures, holiday tales, even, perhaps, long-ago family scandals that will simply entertain their descendants. My own justification is somewhat unique. Having grown close to a fellow-artist and tenant of mine, I was eventually taken in – in the best sense of that phrase -by her entire family, to BE part of the family. Having no offspring, I decided to give her, her husband and their 3 little girls, the little house she lived in before her marriage. And so, my interest in leaving a ‘remembered voice’ was to fill in the gaps – my childhood in the Midwest, my student years at art school, my relocation to New York City – my life before she and they became such an important part of it. A Remembered Voice allowed me to create several recordings of adventures and history. I loved the adventure.”

Agness McLean, Plainfield, NJ

“A Remembered Voice has provided a listening post into my family history that I revisit again and again.  I treasure the voices of my siblings and their stories.  Their stories – our stories, bring clarity, comfort and a smile while reflecting on a much fractured family history.  Thank you, A Remembered Voice, for this valuable resource.”

Martin, age 93, Toms River, NJ

“This was such an amazing experience for me. I relived so much. It was a wonderful life review.”

Elizabeth Smith, Plainfield NJ

“I just made another copy of the recordings of my mom. It is indeed a treasure to have the recordings of her as she died on Easter Sunday. I am so glad that I followed up with you to have the recording done. You were able to create such a warm conversation with her and her singing at the end was precious. We treasure the recordings. You were able to make her feel comfortable enough to share her life. Hearing her tell her story is truly priceless.”

Willie Elmore, Kansas City, Missouri

“I was surprised at how easy it was to tell my story about growing up in the South to Melinda.”