Marybeth Lapham, Scotch Plains, NJ

Having Melinda record my parents’ stories was one of the best things I’ve done to preserve special memories that I’ll have forever!”     

Adriana Bosch, Ph.D., Humanities Scholar, Cuban Voices

“I worked with Melinda on the Cuban Voices Project with the Snyder Academy in Elizabeth NJ. This project was an oral history of Cubans that migrated to the city beginning in 1959. Having been a documentary producer for over 30 years I can speak to Melinda’s abilities and to her striking passion and commitment. Melinda was able to readily grasp the history and did a very good job in selecting the individuals to be interviewed. She was able to draw from the participants anecdotes and emotional moments that established the basis for an informative and deeply human narrative.   Her ability and her willingness to embrace a new culture and understand it and relate to it is extraordinary.”





Dwight Mack, Plainfield, NJ, Plainfield Voices Project Participant

“I hadn’t thought much about the riots of 1967 in a long time. Many of the crew isn’t around anymore. We were right in the middle of the mess. It was good to tell the story as an old man now; from the inside of the anger. No one ever asked me about it until now. Finally someone wanted to hear our side of the story.”


Sammie Clay, Retired Air Force Veteran, Member, National Association of Black Military Women

“Telling my story to Melinda was an incredible opportunity for me to share so many of my life experiences. From growing up in Chicago to my long and meaningful career in the Air Force. I revisited people and places and experiences that I had not thought about in years. In telling my story I got to relive moments that I thought I had forgotten. My great childhood friend, Margaret, was with me and we laughed a lot as we remembered together.   It was a wonderful experience. One that everyone should try and do for future generations.”


Mary Faddoul, Communications Specialist, Community FoodBank of New Jersey

Melinda’s writing tells stories…in a powerful way. Her high-quality work has provided insight into all parts of the FoodBank—everyone from food insecure New Jerseyans to pantry managers. She has uniquely captured the struggles people face, as well as the hope the Community FoodBank of New Jersey serves.

Sarah Hull, Archivist, Head of Local History, Genealogy and Special Collections Plainfield NJ Public Library

“Melinda and A Remembered Voice have been a vital part of the archive’s oral history program. Without her professionalism and expertise, the Plainfield Voices project would not be the great success that it has become”

Elliot Dee and Associates, LLC, Project Director, Cuban Voices

“We are so glad and grateful that Melinda worked on our oral history project, Cuban Voices.  From start to finish, she brought her superb skills as a storyteller, her love of people, her inquisitive mind and her gracious spirit to the project.  She enriched the experience of our project team and our interview participants and was instrumental in creating a body of work that resonated with audiences.  It was an absolute pleasure to work with her!”



Mark Bloom, New Jersey

“We put this off almost too long; but finally decided to move forward. Melinda made the whole experience easy and affordable. Now we have three hours of memories and the voice of my mother in all of her amazing glory; stern, relentless, gentle and so wonderfully humorous, loving and forgiving.”

Alberto R. Teran, Cuban Voices Project Participant

“The Cuban Voices project was a great opportunity for us Cubans that arrived in Elizabeth in the 60’s and 70’s to tell the stories of our courageous parents. They made enormous sacrifices to ensure that their children would grow up in a free country. In turn, I see this project as an important documentation of our journey to America for future generations of our descendants to hear.”




Richard Frankel

“My grandchildren will now be able to hear my Dad’s voice and his wonderful stories and laugh.  It is such a wonderful gift.”