At A Remembered Voice, we work with organizations to build useful libraries and archives of memories, interviews and testimonials.

Organizations, both non-profit and business, have a special opportunity to share their stories with the public. Donor stories, board profiles and customer testimonials contribute impact to the life of an organization. They tell the story of the work that is being done and demonstrate the value and benefit to the community.

We conduct interviews with key constituencies and provide organizations with an archive of stories, interviews, and quotes. These stories, interviews and quotes help build a framework for marketing and public relations.

We have created:

  • Audio archives of historical events
  • Libraries of customer testimonials and stories
  • Audio and print collections of donor stories and board profiles

We have worked with The Plainfield Public Library, Caring Contact, and The Community Foodbank of New Jersey, The Snyder Academy of Elizabethtown and Interfaith Neighbors in Asbury Park.

By asking key questions, our interviews of donors, board members, volunteers and customers will help your organization:

  • Communicate the benefit of your work to the community
  • Communicate the impact of your mission and your work
  • Communicate to other constituents the value of your work
  • Create opportunities for donor solicitation, recruitment, and retention
  • Highlight the important work of your board and the individual impact of their commitment
  • Honor and celebrate the work of your volunteers
  • Tell the stories of your customers and the impact of your mission on their lives

With over 25 years of non-profit experience working with customers, donors, boards, staff, and volunteers, we can create a unique experience for your organization that will enhance your communications, help build your brand, and most importantly, highlight and advance your mission

Click here to read about a recent project:
The New Jersey Council for the Humanities awarded a grant to The Old First Historic Trust to pursue a new humanities initiative, Cuban Voices. Cuban Voices recorded 21 individuals who came to Elizabeth in the aftermath of the Cuban Revolution in the 1960s and 1970s. These recordings and their transcripts are archived, along with a video and curriculum, at the Elizabeth Public Library and The Snyder Academy in Elizabeth.

Adriana Bosch, Ph.D., Humanities Scholar, Cuban Voices

“I worked with Melinda on the Cuban Voices Project with the Snyder Academy in Elizabeth NJ. This project was an oral history of Cubans that migrated to the city beginning in 1959. Having been a documentary producer for over 30 years I can speak to Melinda’s abilities and to her striking passion and commitment. Melinda was able to readily grasp the history and did a very good job in selecting the individuals to be interviewed. She was able to draw from the participants anecdotes and emotional moments that established the basis for an informative and deeply human narrative.   Her ability and her willingness to embrace a new culture and understand it and relate to it is extraordinary.”





Mary Faddoul, Communications Specialist, Community FoodBank of New Jersey

Melinda’s writing tells stories…in a powerful way. Her high-quality work has provided insight into all parts of the FoodBank—everyone from food insecure New Jerseyans to pantry managers. She has uniquely captured the struggles people face, as well as the hope the Community FoodBank of New Jersey serves.

Sarah Hull, Archivist, Head of Local History, Genealogy and Special Collections Plainfield NJ Public Library

“Melinda and A Remembered Voice have been a vital part of the archive’s oral history program. Without her professionalism and expertise, the Plainfield Voices project would not be the great success that it has become”

Maria Elena Bordas, Cuban Voices Project Participant

“Relating my experience about leaving Cuba with my parents in December of 1961 was quite an undertaking.  Not because I had forgotten the event, but how vivid it was.  As I spoke to Melinda, the events of that day and the reasons for leaving Cuba felt so real.  I could not believe that I remembered every detail, regardless of how small. My parents’ decision to leave was an act of courage on their part.   While they left everything behind, they did it so that I could become and do whatever I chose to do.  That is such a huge part of my life.”