At A Remembered Voice, we work with individuals and families to create recordings that preserve memories, stories, and voices of a loved one: your mom, your grandfather, your great-aunt.

Every remembered story comes with a voice that is unique in its character, texture, and quality.  Our stories are our history: our past, our present, and our future. A laugh, a sigh, a song, a pause can transport the listener to another time and place.

We have created oral history recordings and family genealogy recordings. Oral history brings to life the memories, stories and voices of individuals. Oral history is how we create legacies for our families and future generations.

We have recorded the entire life story of a woman from St. Lucia; at the end of the recording she sang her favorite song from Carousel, “You’ll Never Walk Alone.” We worked with a family to create a recording of grandparents reading Green Eggs and Ham, Good Night Moon and Berenstain Bears Sweet Home Tree for their grandchildren in California.

We have recorded narratives of African American women growing up in the segregated South. We recorded a family reunion of siblings who shared family memories together for the first time in over 50 years.

We help capture the rich texture and depth of an individual memory, story, and voice. The sound of someone sighing, pausing, singing, laughing finds its way into our hearts.

We smile. We cry. We laugh. We remember.

We create more than a recording, we create a unique experience.

Marybeth Lapham, Scotch Plains, NJ

Having Melinda record my parents’ stories was one of the best things I’ve done to preserve special memories that I’ll have forever!”     

Sammie Clay, Retired Air Force Veteran, Member, National Association of Black Military Women

“Telling my story to Melinda was an incredible opportunity for me to share so many of my life experiences. From growing up in Chicago to my long and meaningful career in the Air Force. I revisited people and places and experiences that I had not thought about in years. In telling my story I got to relive moments that I thought I had forgotten. My great childhood friend, Margaret, was with me and we laughed a lot as we remembered together.   It was a wonderful experience. One that everyone should try and do for future generations.”


Agness McLean, Plainfield, NJ

“A Remembered Voice has provided a listening post into my family history that I revisit again and again.  I treasure the voices of my siblings and their stories.  Their stories – our stories, bring clarity, comfort and a smile while reflecting on a much fractured family history.  Thank you, A Remembered Voice, for this valuable resource.”

Willie Elmore, Kansas City, Missouri

“I was surprised at how easy it was to tell my story about growing up in the South to Melinda.”