Q: What does A Remembered Voice do?

A: A Remembered Voice creates an audio record of memories, stories, and voices of individuals. For non-profits and businesses, we create audio recordings of interviews with customers, donors, boards, staff, and volunteers that preserve institutional history. Each recording can be up to forty minutes in duration.


Q: Can A Remembered Voice create recordings that are not oral histories?

A: Yes!  We have created recordings of grandparents reading bedtime stories to their grandchildren who live across the country; we recorded a woman baking and sharing her favorite apple cake recipe; we have recorded music and singing.

We have created an archive of customer, donor, and volunteer stories for several non-profits.

There are so many wonderful and unique ways to capture treasured memories, stories, and voices.


Q: Who does A Remembered Voice work with?

A: A Remembered Voice works with individuals, families, non-profits, and businesses to create recordings to preserve historical memories and stories.


Q: Where does the recording take place?

A: The recordings can take place in your home, in your office, or in another comfortable setting. There are several packages available for your consideration. Every recording is individually crafted for each customer.


Q: Can there be more than one person at the interview?

A: Certainly, however we find that the interview is much more relaxed if it is only the interviewer and interviewee in the room.


Q: When and how do I receive the recording?

A: At the completion of the process, you will receive your recording as an audio file via email within one week. You open the attachment and then save to your computer.


Q: May I share the recording with others?

A: Yes! The audio recording is yours and you are free to share it with family and friends.  Non-profits and businesses will be able to use the recordings to enhance their marketing, fundraising, and grant writing efforts.


Q: Why should I use A Remembered Voice?

A: A Remembered Voice offers a service that is compassionate, empathetic, and professional. We take the time to create more than a recording. We create an experience that is comfortable, warm, and memorable. We have the greatest respect for every story and every storyteller.


Let us create recordings that preserve the richness of your story and your voice: for you and for the generations that follow you.

Dwight Mack, Plainfield, NJ, Plainfield Voices Project Participant

“I hadn’t thought much about the riots of 1967 in a long time. Many of the crew isn’t around anymore. We were right in the middle of the mess. It was good to tell the story as an old man now; from the inside of the anger. No one ever asked me about it until now. Finally someone wanted to hear our side of the story.”


Alberto R. Teran, Cuban Voices Project Participant

“The Cuban Voices project was a great opportunity for us Cubans that arrived in Elizabeth in the 60’s and 70’s to tell the stories of our courageous parents. They made enormous sacrifices to ensure that their children would grow up in a free country. In turn, I see this project as an important documentation of our journey to America for future generations of our descendants to hear.”




David and Rachael, CT

“I am so grateful to you for this recording.  Mom passed three weeks after your visit with her. This is a great gift for our family to have and our future family.”

Margaret Othrow, Brooklyn, NY

“I imagine that many of us will wish to leave the next generation our family adventures, holiday tales, even, perhaps, long-ago family scandals that will simply entertain their descendants. My own justification is somewhat unique. Having grown close to a fellow-artist and tenant of mine, I was eventually taken in – in the best sense of that phrase -by her entire family, to BE part of the family. Having no offspring, I decided to give her, her husband and their 3 little girls, the little house she lived in before her marriage. And so, my interest in leaving a ‘remembered voice’ was to fill in the gaps – my childhood in the Midwest, my student years at art school, my relocation to New York City – my life before she and they became such an important part of it. A Remembered Voice allowed me to create several recordings of adventures and history. I loved the adventure.”