Process for individuals

Phase I: Customer Agreement

Sign and return the Customer Agreement.

Phase II: Family Information Form and Questions to Consider

Complete and return the Family Information Form. After returning the Family Information Form, a series of interview questions will be developed and sent to you for your consideration.

Phase III: Pre-Recording             

Next, a pre-interview meeting of approximately 20 minutes will take place prior to the recording. This interview can be done in person or over the phone. The pre-interview meeting will help to:

  • Choose basic themes and format of the interview
  • Determine the events/memories/stories to be covered
  • Prepare the interviewee for the recorded interview

Phase IV: Recording

  • At the time of the recording, just the interviewer and interviewee are in the room. The time of the interview and recording is approximately 40 minutes. At the end of the recording, we invite family members who are present to come together. We then take a photo of generations of joined hands. It is a lovely and moving tribute to the work that a family does together.

A Remembered Voice will send the final recording to the customer via email and keep a copy of the recording for storage. A Remembered Voice will not share recording without written permission from the customer. A Remembered Voice will seek written permission from the customer to use for any other purpose.

Packages: Each package is individually crafted for each customer. Please contact me for pricing.


Process for Organizations

Organizational work is individualized based on needs of customer. Please contact for more information.



Please contact [email protected] for further information.