Creating recordings that preserve memories, stories and voices

Have you ever wished you could hear your mother’s voice, or laugh one more time?

Do you wish you could remember the family story that your Uncle Bill told over and over and over again at every Christmas dinner?

Does your organization have a digital library of in-depth donor stories, board profiles, and customer testimonials to draw from when creating materials to enhance your mission and business?

Individuals and Families

At A Remembered Voice, we work with individuals and families to create recordings that preserve memories, stories, and voices of a loved one: your mom, your grandfather, your great-aunt.

Non-profit organizations, businesses & institutions

A Remembered Voice works with non-profit organizations, businesses and institutions of all sizes. We conduct interviews with key constituencies and provide organizations with an archive of interviews and quotes that will enhance your public relations, marketing efforts, and promotions. These interviews are delivered in audio and written form

This is our mission:  To help you create a record of memories, stories, and voices that you will have forever; that your family or organization will have forever. Our shared humanity and our cultural heritage are told through our stories and our voices.


See what customers are saying…

Sarah Hull, Archivist, Head of Local History, Genealogy and Special Collections Plainfield NJ Public Library

“Melinda and A Remembered Voice have been a vital part of the archive’s oral history program. Without her professionalism and expertise, the Plainfield Voices project would not be the great success that it has become”

Elliot Dee and Associates, LLC, Project Director, Cuban Voices

“We are so glad and grateful that Melinda worked on our oral history project, Cuban Voices.  From start to finish, she brought her superb skills as a storyteller, her love of people, her inquisitive mind and her gracious spirit to the project.  She enriched the experience of our project team and our interview participants and was instrumental in creating a body of work that resonated with audiences.  It was an absolute pleasure to work with her!”



Agness McLean, Plainfield, NJ

“A Remembered Voice has provided a listening post into my family history that I revisit again and again.  I treasure the voices of my siblings and their stories.  Their stories – our stories, bring clarity, comfort and a smile while reflecting on a much fractured family history.  Thank you, A Remembered Voice, for this valuable resource.”

Elizabeth Smith, Plainfield NJ

“I just made another copy of the recordings of my mom. It is indeed a treasure to have the recordings of her as she died on Easter Sunday. I am so glad that I followed up with you to have the recording done. You were able to create such a warm conversation with her and her singing at the end was precious. We treasure the recordings. You were able to make her feel comfortable enough to share her life. Hearing her tell her story is truly priceless.”